Monday, September 5, 2011

And so... my Thesis year begins.

I've been to all my fall classes once now. Two studio classes and my thesis classes, so I have a heavy workload ahead of me. Luckily I am also assigned a studio, where I will be able to get said workload done and store the piles of supplies and papers that will undoubtedly amass.

I'm continuing to work on this overarching project of stills from Daisies; here is my favorite sketch for the next one:
(all images © Amanda Russel 2011)
It's got a very different palette from the last one I completed, which is what I like visually about the movie: the colors switch all the time and there are countless different moods created.
I've got control of the art board at the Sellwood New Seasons April of 2012, so by then I hope to have at least six large stills that I can display as a set. 

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