Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am no longer in the hospital, as of two weeks ago!
Aside from some portraits, I have still been busy filling my sketchbook.
("Spinal," graphite and ink on paper, copyright 2011 Amanda Russel)
(copyright 2011 Amanda Russel)
(copyright 2011 Amanda Russel)

I've been writing poems, for my Narrative Image class- I was able to get an incomplete and turn in my final project late, due to my illness. My proposed final project was a book of poems, written and illustrated by me.
 I've been through a lot in the past month and I've been attempting to work through some of it via poetry, but it's a slow and sometimes overwhelming process. The first image in this post- "spinal"- is something I think I'm going to use for my book. It needs more work, but I think it might make a good cover. 

I've also got to re-learn how to bookbind. I would like to handmake this poetry book.

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